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Pixel  Perfect.

Pixel This Marketing.

We are  THE  creative-driven agency

Providing marketing solutions 

Online and Offline.

Marketing Solutions.

We are a full-service marketing agency. Creativity and graphics design comes free with all our services. We use a variety of strategies and playbooks tailored to  across multiple industries to help reach your marketing goals. 

Online Solutions.
Our digital services range from websites, social media, advertising, email marketing, and more! 

Offline Solutions.

While digital marketing is booming, every brand has an offline audience. Get your brand in front your offline audience with eye-popping marketing material.

About Us

Digital Marketing Expert

Jawad Bushnaq

Hello, my name is Jawad Bushnaq. I started pixel this marketing in 2019 in Richmond, VA. I had picked up photography as a hobby a fews year prior and wanted to make a few extra bucks. When I began designing a website for my portfolio I quickly realized how much I truly enjoyed digital marketing. Before you know it, my photography hobby had turned into a project which shaped the rest of my life. It is true that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life - and I absolutely love doing what I do.

What We Value

Relentless Strategy

In this industry, we realize strategy & planning is a pre-requisite. Advocating our success is not enough. Our team plays a huge role in utilizing our successful strategies and playbooks to fit your industries unique needs. you will find that everything we do or display has one thing in common.

Endless Creativity​

Displaying our creativity is vital to building your trust. Graphics design is our agencies fuel - every service we provide requires some level of graphics design. With graphics design being such an essential tool to our success, we offer our graphics design service for free with all of our services.



Strategies and playbooks take time to develop. It starts with an idea and forms into reality. The steps to turn that idea into reality requires multiples tests and objectives to meet. Once those objectives are met, only then we can call it a strategy and insert it into a playbook that works best for your brand.



Creating an experience is the goal of our creativity. We welcome uniqueness and leave mediocre at the door. To ensure we succeed in creating something that is perfect for you, a relationship is required. Anybody can throw an outfit together, but we make sure your outfit is right for the occasion.


Graphics Design

As mentioned, graphics design comes free with all of our services - and it doesn't stop there. Our graphics design philosophy is to paint you a picture while telling a story. All graphics are designed from scratch and aim to be eye-popping and effective to deliver the right message.



Tech is a fast-growing industry which is required in digital marketing. We understand you have bigger fish to fry than the latest marketing tech. We never settle for a single tech stack. If there is new tech out there, we will be the first to understand it and apply it where necessary. 



It takes many people to get the job done and provide the results we have. Everyone on our team is essential, that means you too. You will never feel left out, and if something just isn't for you, we will go as far as starting from scratch to ensure your vision is captured.



It's important to provide an inclusive experience for everyone. We want to give everyone a chance. One of the reasons we did not settle for just one niche is because of diversity.  We strive to support small businesses, black owned businesses, and non-profit organizations with our pro-bono work.

Our Story

It's not just creation. Its creativity.

It's not just about getting the work done, it's about making a name for yourself. Digital creativity is the essence of building your brand - and we get creative better than anyone else.

We  don't  talk about dreams, we make them.
When you take the steps to achieve your dreams, you write a story that invites people into the immersive experience of your vision. We specialize in capturing your dreams and turning them into reality.

We put our clients first.

At Pixel This, we craft an inclusive experience - you'll never feel left out or forgotten. While many agencies finish the work and move on, we are constantly including you in the creative process and suggesting new ways to take the next steps to success. Every day, we strive to understand and embrace our client's culture.

Meet The Owner

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